Your Virtual Home Appraisal

Wondering how you can work out the value of your home during Covid-19? I am always here to help!

Just because I can't come to your home doesn't mean I can't help you sell your home, or appraise it for you. I have a virtual appraisal process which I've implemented to help while things are not quite what we are used to.

Many people are experiencing change in their lives (quite significant change for many) at the moment. This time does give us a great opportunity to think about what next?

In Australia, we currently have record low interest rates and a strong property market. This means many homeowners have built equity in their property. This could be used for an investment property purchase, property update or an upgrade.

While we can’t easily meet up face to face at the moment, we can help you with property advice, albeit virtually - with a Virtual Market Appraisal.

This is your opportunity to find out the current market value of your home simply by completing the form below. I'll then call you to discuss the details of your home a bit further and if suitable, we can do a video call so you can give me a tour of your property (or if it is easier you can simply send photos of your key rooms to [email protected]). Once I've “virtually” seen your home I can complete my research.

Afterwards you’ll receive:

  1.  An email with the current market range of properties similar to yours.
  2.  A Comparative Market Analysis of properties for sale and sold that are similar to yours.
  3.  Local Market Statistics report.