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Do you own a home
or land in the

  • Bray Park
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It’s important to have all the information you can get about real estate trends, current property values & recent sales in the area.

The Property Sellers Guide

I've put together a series of videos to help you prepare to sell your home.

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Are you considering selling?

Then you may need information about:

  • Presenting your home for sale
  • A strategy to get the best price you possibly
    can for the property
  • What’s the best way to advertise
  • Creating competition amongst buyers

Are you considering remodelling?

Then you may need information about:

  • What a potential buyer is seeking when
    eventually you do want to sell
  • How to add value to your home without
    spending too much money
  • Local area values to avoid over-capitalisation
  • Creating competition amongst buyers

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